What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Our bookkeeper left us a few years ago and we didn't find a qualified replacement in time. The Pulice Group helped us get our books back in order and caught up with late tax returns. They even connected us with our new full-time bookkeeper and things have been going great!"

"The Pulice Group helped us put together a tax plan for our rental real estate business and saved us thousands in taxes. Ryan was very helpful and professional. We look forward to our continued work together."

"As a volunteer for the NARFE Virginia Federation serving as its soon to retire Treasurer, I inherited QuickBooks® (QB) as its accounting system. The organization is looking for ways to streamline the generation of three reports for its Quarterly meetings to the Board. Having no knowledge of QB, I needed help to produce three reports that we currently provide to the Board. It would be more efficient to generate them from QB. QB default reports are not in the format that we needed. Ryan was very helpful in providing consultancy support in a joint effort to produce these reports. Ryan was agreeable to a joint effort, rather than for me to give him the project directly. We had a great working arrangement to develop two of the three reports. I work with Ryan to create the Class structure for this effort and entering data to validate the process. He also has written a guide on this effort for use by future Treasurer to generate the reports from QB. I am very satisfied with Ryan for his QB consultancy in generating two reports and a work around for the third report from QB."